Find Yours Campaign
Large-scale marketing campaign for through multiple touchpoints Find Yours campaign book
October 2015

The Find Yours campaign was one of the largest marketing campaigns undertaken by a property portal in the UAE, deploying various touchpoints for the entirety of the campaign over three months. The theme touches on the personal memories and identity of what a home means to different people residing in the UAE.

JustProperty ad alongside Sheikh Zayed Road branded vehicles
JustProperty Digital ad on billboard along Sheikh Zayed Road large billboard ad next to the Mall of the Emirates

The campaign's reach involved several outdoor billboard advertisements, a dedicated story-telling microsite, a YouTube video, radio talk shows, advertising and remarketing strategies, social media campaigns, and a launch event. I was heavily involved in the entire process of the campaign, from conceptualization to final artworks, ensuring perfect visual experiences for the end-user to form a stronger connection with the brand.

Find Yours campaign microsite design Find Yours campaign - The Story behind their homes

The campaign included a massive billboard on the Sheikh Zayed Road by the Mall of the Emirates, 40 megacom billboards across the city, two television unipole billboards, and a metro footbridge advertisement banner. The YouTube video showcased a personal story of a young expat woman landing in Dubai and experiencing its diverse culture and people. It concludes with dinner with her new friends at her home, which she found using the Find Yours video on YouTube
Screen grab from the Find Yours video
Screen grab from the Find Yours video
Screen grab from the Find Yours video

Weekly talk shows with the popular and award-winning show hosts, Kenny and Daisy, were held with the General Manager of, discussing and addressing topics relating to the real estate industry.

At the Radio 1 studio with Kenny & Daisy - real estate talk show
The Kenny & Daisy Show on Radio 1
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