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Keller Williams is the largest real estate agency franchise in the world, expanding to 26 countries during the last few years. In 2013, the headquarters for Keller Williams United Kingdom opened its doors for independent realtors and agents to be part of the franchise, with the ability to operate individually or through either of its three market centres across the country.

The company's initial online presence was quite lacklustre with a poorly designed website, no social media presence and run-of-the-mill CRM software. It brought about a negative perception of the company in the UK's saturated competitive realty market, requiring it to critically revise its branding strategy.

In 2016, Keller Williams UK upgraded their technology provider to RealSpace and agreed for us to revamp their corporate website. After much research and considering requirements from the stakeholders (the business, its agents, and the website visitors), we teamed up with Instinctif Partners to create a modern website with relevant content.

Lady searching for homes on the Keller Williams UK website
Multiple screenshots of the Keller Williams UK website - Careers, Property Details, Map search

After several rounds of iterations and improvements, the website met with its set goals of attracting new employees, providing more relevant property results, and increasing property valuation requests - indicators that visitors have a more positive perception of the brand and what it stands for.

Keller Williams UK website homepage design
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