High quality prints that provide the illusion of depth or movement at different angles
Emirates Airlines lenticular postcard artwork

3D Media operated as an advertising agency, focusing on lenticular prints. Lenticular prints provide viewers with an illusion of depth in the artworks or changing images when viewed from different angles.

Using new printing technology, we were able to print high-quality lenticular artworks, which traditionally had major issues with quality, ghosting effects and poor colour synchronisation. The improved quality allowed artworks to be developed for advertising purposes as well, which attracted known brands such as Emirates Airlines and Mcdonalds.

McDonalds lenticular artwork - Can't resist a McFries

Emirates Airlines printed postcards showcasing its then-new First Class Private Suites, with a flip effect between opened and closed doors of the private suite. (Original artwork is unavailable).

McDonald's used flip effect posters for their McFries advertisement, alternating between an empty and a full french fries box.

The Honda Civic business card was created as a concept to include a 360-degree view of the new car model.

Honda Civic lenticular card artwork
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