Oryx CRM
Customized full-feature CRM web software built for The Oryx Corporation's employees
The Oryx CRM running a on desktop monitor
The Oryx Corporation
Product Management, HTML, Photoshop

The Oryx Corporation conducted a wide range of real estate services that required high amount of resources and effort to manage information, sales, lettings, property management, payment plans and scheduling.

To manage and coordinate several departments handling various services, it required a solution to standardize processes and information handling. After a few months of research, it was decided to develop an in-house web-based software as opposed to an over-the-shelf CRM or a pricey enterprise solution.

The Oryx CRM dashboard design

My responsibility included managing the project and the usability aspects of the product. Thorough business and user research allowed us to plan and build a sophisticated software to handle the company's workflows. A simple but effective interface design was then applied to the software.

The product allowed users to manage properties, property owners, payment schedules, events and reminders, financial statements, leads and deals. It also provided a host of general and strategic reports of the company's performance.

The Oryx CRM listing screen design
The Oryx CRM reporting suite design
The Oryx CRM marketing suite design
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Jaideep Khemani
is a UI/UX designer with a background in business psychology, looking to bring about a positive change through design. Strongly believes that design is not just how it looks and feels, but also how it works and how the user interacts with it.