PropSpace Mobile App
App for Real Estate professionals to manage work on-the-go
Using the PropSpace app on the move
User Research, Prototyping, Project Management, Photoshop, Experience Design
2016 - 2018

PropSpace is a cloud-based software solution for real estate businesses, helping them manage their daily operations without the hassle of tech infrastructure, information management and security. The fast-paced nature of the real estate industry requires users to always have real-time access to their data while on the move. Through user research, it became evident that availability and speed were critical to them as it could mean the difference between closing a deal and a losing out on one. Instead of opting for a web-friendly browser version, it was decided to introduce Play Store and App Store apps for smoother and secure interactions.

Card sorting activity on Trello with a user
PropSpace app screenshots

Through human-centered design techniques, I researched into existing shortfalls and user needs over wants. After understanding scenarios users faced in the real world, we used the HMW (How Might We) and brainstorming techniques to lay out solutions for developing the app.

Using rapid prototyping, early drafts of the app were designed and tested. Through several iterations and user feedback, we built low and high-fidelity designs of the app using Material Design and iOS Design guidelines. The app is live for download on the App Store and Play Store.

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PropSpace app in action
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Jaideep Khemani
is a UI/UX designer with a background in business psychology, looking to bring about a positive change through design. Strongly believes that design is not just how it looks and feels, but also how it works and how the user interacts with it.