Real Estate Web Templates
Multiple responsive and professional website templates for RealSpace clients to choose from
Real estate website template mockup
HTML, CSS, Photoshop
March 2017

RealSpace offers a variety of responsive real estate website templates to its clients. These sites had to be presented to visitors to understand their key features and to register their interest for a template.

After considering various user personas and user journey plans along with the brand identity in mind, I proposed and designed a standalone website to showcase these templates. The website allows visitors to navigate through the options available, explore their features through a guided gallery or real-time demo, and take action to sign up for a template.

Real estate web templates landing page
Real estate website template showcase
Real estate website template pages
Real estate website template pages
Real estate website template pages
Responsive real estate web templates
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Jaideep Khemani
is a UI/UX designer with a background in business psychology, looking to bring about a positive change through design. Strongly believes that design is not just how it looks and feels, but also how it works and how the user interacts with it.