Vehicle Graphics
Eye-catching brand design on corporate vehicle fleets branded cars fleet
Illustrator, Photoshop

I have implemented several designs for branded vehicle graphics over the last six years. The Oryx Corporation used Hummer H2 vehicles to accommodate chauffeured tours to clients. Dubai Luxury Homes required 8 vehicles to be branded with an attention-grabbing design to increase brand awareness. Clear Water provided rope access window cleaning services and wanted to showcase it on their 6 service vans.

Dubai Luxury Homes branded SUVs
Oryx Real Estate branded Hummers
ClearWater window cleaning van decals wanted to implement a fun, casual and eye-catching design to grab the attention wherever the vehicles went. It was rebranded in September 2015 to, which required a minimalist design for the brand. This was effectively captured using a bright turquoise matte paint combined with black matte touches.

JustRentals branded SUVs branded SUVs
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